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Head over to the safety of Bandcamp to listen to and purchase a variety of recordings that I have made over the last 28 years. There is also an archival subscription that gives patrons instant downloads of more than thirty exclusive full-length releases with new subscriber-only titles added every month.

"Jeffrey Alexander – Meditations for Beowulf (Feeding Tube)
Feeding Tube continues to champion some of the greatest underground weirdos around. Case-in-point, Jeffrey Alexander, lead of Dire Wolves, and a man with a long legacy in the DIY music scene since the 90s. The Dire Wolves crew has been busy this year. Their Grow Towards the Light stands out as a highlight of their prolific output. The jams found on that album are definitely tempered on this solo excursion from Jeffrey Alexander. Plethora of instrumentation including string bells, bamboo saxophone, singing bowl, fife and a talking book phonograph (!) fill out a trippy album of psychedelic meanderings. This truly is “celestial navigation music”.

- Philosophy Of The World, Best Albums Of 2019

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